Movies I've Seen Recently Ranked

Keep in mind I don't know shit about film but these are the unsolicited opinions of an average Jolene
  1. Hidden Figures
    I need Hollywood to tell more of these stories. These women are national heroes and I'm embarrassed of our country's instinct to whitewash history. Glad they are getting their hard earned praise now. There are a thousand more of these stories. Someone tell them.
  2. La La Land
    Not my typical thing but totally fell in love. Incredible performances by both Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling but you don't need me to tell you that.
  3. Jackie
    Natalie Portman is a marvel. She is transformative.
  4. Office Christmas Party
    Kate McKinnon is a genius and the main reason I watched this movie twice.
  5. Passengers
    Definitely entertaining to watch two hot people frolic around a space ship and save the day but I would be fucking pissed if he woke me up solely for his company. Life with only one other person would be and SHOULD be unfulfilling.
  6. Manchester By The Sea
    To me, a complete waste of time because the only thing that changes throughout the ENTIRE movie is the dad dying. So congrats. Great movie.