Update: America Horror Story is still on and I'm bored as fuck
  1. When my phone is at less than 10% battery
    What if I get in a tragic car accident and no one finds my mangled body until the next morning
  2. When I think about starting a legit career
    What if I choose the wrong one and I end up a miserable corporate bitch but I'm too committed to leave
  3. When I have to see someone I haven't seen in a while and I'm not sure how to greet them
    Obviously I don't want them to think I missed them more than they missed me...
  4. When I have to have an uncomfortable confrontation
    I am not about confronting people AT ALL. I basically let people run all over me
  5. The wine section at Publix
    Who the fuck organized that and what was their logic
  6. Marriage and children
    What if no one wants to marry me? What if someone does want to marry me BUT we have a psychotic child who rapes and murders people because we suck as parents?
  7. Living in the rural American South
    Because I cannot handle a reality in which the main event of a Friday night is going to KFC