1. drool everywhere in their sleep
  2. somehow get cake all the way up on their foreheads when they eat it
  3. have a very hard time waking up from their naps
  4. say blathroom
  5. get really excited to show me their water bottles even though I have now seen them every week day for months
  6. love love love & desperately seek out high fives
  7. call peek-a-boo "bababoo"
  8. say "teacher Abby, I love you" a whole lot, and often at really weird / awkward / unexpected times
  9. point to any and all old people when we are on field trips and say "grandma!" "grandpa!" because those were vocabulary words
  10. point to my watch and say "W, W, w w w, this is a watch"
  11. dogpile me with hugs
  12. put their shoes on the wrong feet
  13. point to real cars and say "teacher Abby, toy car!" because toy car was a vocabulary word but car wasn't
  14. proudly show me their cool socks
  15. be really proud of themselves when they say something correctly
  16. say "happy Friday!" on Fridays (because I taught them to)
  17. show me their newly acquired bug bites every day
  18. cross their fingers a whole lot and excitedly show me their crossed fingers because this one time months ago I taught them how to cross their fingers because we didn't want our field trip to get rained out
  19. want to tell me things but not know how to say it in English, only in Chinese, and then just nervous giggle and smile
  20. look really guilty when they've done something bad
  21. freak out and lose absolutely all focus if there is ever a bug in the classroom (even just a fly—their entire existence is then devoted to tracking it)
  22. manage to fall down even if they are just standing there
  23. help each other
  24. take being little teacher very seriously
  25. get super hype for story time
  26. beg to do the hokey pokey "one more time!"
  27. think we are playing a freeze game every time our old CD player messes up and skips
  28. think "I feel crazy" is the funniest sentence / combination of syllables / concept / idk in the entire universe and try to say it all the time. It is currently banned as an answer to "How do you feel?" during sharing time because they literally cannot handle its power and apparent humor
  29. get excited about finding my hair on the floor
  30. ~ to be continued ~