1. On telephone poles all over town there are homemade signs concerning lost dogs and cats, sometimes in the handwriting of a child.
  2. All plots tend to move deathward.
  3. She was solemn about warnings, interpreted danger as a state too lacking in detail and precision to be confined to a certain time and place.
  4. This death would penetrate, deep into the genes, show itself in bodies not yet born.
  5. Where am I, who are you, what was I dreaming?
  6. Death is odd-numbered.
  7. You have to ask yourself whether anything you do in this life would have beauty and meaning without the knowledge you carry of a final line, a border or limit.
  8. I pulled in at a place that specialized in chicken parts and brownies.
  9. A wandering killer type that follows the sun.
  10. A weekend mass murderer with an office job.
  11. It was a secret, it was a second life, a second self, a dream, a spell, a plot, a delirium.
  12. The ruin is built into the creation, I said, which shows a certain nostalgia behind the power principle, or a tendency to organize the longings of future generations.
  13. The more powerful the nostalgia, the closer you come to violence. War is the form nostalgia takes when men are hard-pressed to say something good about their country.
  14. It gleams, absolutely.
  15. The house was a sepia maze of old and tired things.
  16. I didn't want help or company or human understanding.
  17. Streets thick with the details of impulsive life as the hero ponders the latest phase in his dying.
  18. What a wonderful thing a porch is. How did I live a life without a porch to sit on, up till now?
  19. Nameless feelings pressed thrillingly on my chest.
  20. I knew for the first time what rain really was.
  21. Is there something so innocent in the recitation of names that God is pleased?
  22. Hell is when no one believes.
  23. Stunned, he made the decision to cry.
  24. Everything we need that is not food or love is here in the tabloid racks.