For 18 years I had no idea what synesthesia was. I never talked about the colors of my alphabet and it never came up because I just thought that everyone's alphabet was the same as this.
  1. A = very bright red, think your classic primary A is for Apple.
  2. B = a solid bright royal blue. The blue that you see the word "blue" written in.
  3. C = a classic cheerful green
  4. D = brown. different shades depending on context / surrounding letters
  5. E = a light, pale green
  6. F = also green...but different
  7. G = also green...but also different...dark, rich
  8. H = orange, but a reddish orange with warmth and depth
  9. I = very yellow!
  10. J = a deep, vibrant, happy green
  11. K = orange, brighter than H
  12. L = varies based on what it is surrounded by. no distinct color ? kinda a pale pale pale greyish yellowish greenish but with some light light light purple? almost opaque though. it's always overpowered by other letters.
  13. M = that dark purple / blue / navy thing where it's almost black but not. dark night solar sky
  14. N = kind of like M but much lighter and a bit more grey and with a lot more purple
  15. O = off white but almost opaque, usually overpowered. almost more of a void.
  16. P = orange, but like a burnt orange with some brown. except it is brighter in certain words
  17. Q = like a light but rich gold brown
  18. R = a very serious and crisp dark green
  19. S = very similar to M (dark solar midnight) but even darker. a purple / blue that is so dark you can't tell if it's purple or blue or black
  20. T = yellow but so different than I or Y (spoiler alert). a deeper yellow but also a bit more dulled? has a grey tint to it sometimes? except less dull in certain words. yellow.
  21. U = a weird brown with some orange in it
  22. V = purpleish greyish
  23. W = very similar to M! (dark solar midnight stuff) but different somehow but not in a way I can figure out
  24. X = similar to O (off white void) except more of a light grey void
  25. Y = yellow! a lovely, sunny yellow
  26. Z = again similar to M, S, and W, but with more grey than any of them. very dark grey though