1. Tove
  2. with my synesthesia Abby is the primary colors.
    this makes me feel like the inside of a kindergartner's cubby / that I myself am still a kindergartner / that I got glue stick gunk stuck in my hair / that crayons keep breaking in half and hurting my feelings by making me feel like a baby monster when all I want to do is make art
  3. but with my synesthesia Tove is this beautiful mix of a muted yellow & a deep gray lavender & a light grayish green & also just some gray.
    it's so fucking elegant / magical / subtle / woodland fairylike
  4. Tove
  5. Tove
  6. Tove
  7. I had never heard of the name until I was reading the My Struggle books by Norwegian author Karl Ove Knausgaard
    I fell in love with the name immediately, and still haven't gotten over it ~6 months later
  8. Tove
  9. Tove
  10. Tove
  11. is it at all reasonable to change your name over something like this?
    I feel like the answer's no :(