1. it was the final day of a lovely vacation with my family in the mountains
  2. I woke up feeling very well rested
  3. I took a long, wonderful shower
  4. I drank my coffee on the porch with an incredible view and perfect weather
  5. I ate garlic hummus and chips for brunch in the backseat of my mom's car while my dad drove us all on the blue ridge parkway
    riding in a car with my whole family and my dad driving is one of my favorite things in the world. feels familiar & safe & childlike & magical & restorative
  6. we got someone to take a picture of all four of us, and we don't have enough of those
  7. I spontaneously decided not to go straight back to columbia, but to go to asheville and see tobias jesso jr.
  8. had a sweet goodbye with my family
  9. had a great time in downtown boone
    espresso news, record store, cute clothing store with sweet people, browsed used books, ate veggie chili on a bench outside
  10. took the parkway from boone to asheville, and it was breathtaking
  11. listened to kurt vile and neutral milk hotel during the drive, and also some silence
  12. october 19th is a previous relationship's anniversary, so I wasn't sure the day would be good at all because I didn't know how much this would be on my mind.
    it was on my mind, but in an incredibly pleasant and healthy way that I totally welcomed. good memories, things I learned from the relationship, how much I have changed since it ended, etc etc
  13. got to asheville at the perfect time
  14. ate amazing vegan tacos
  15. had time to get espresso
  16. got to the show early enough to claim a perfect table and decide I wanted to sit for the duration of the show
  17. the orange peel had lil sumpin on draft
  18. met a nice person
  19. the show was shockingly small, which created a really special feeling
  20. tobias jesso jr. and duk the band were phenomenal
  21. I cried a good bit, and I love when art makes me cry
  22. I got a solid concert t-shirt
  23. I listened to I love you, honeybear on the drive home for the first time since seeing father john misty a few weeks before
  24. I talked to a friend on the drive
  25. I got home to my sweet boyfriend who I had not seen in a few days and missed
  26. I had so much perfect alone time and so much fun with myself. it was a beautiful day.