I moved to Taiwan this February, and I do occasionally get homesick.
  1. Check the weather back home
  2. Look at pictures, both from home and from here
  3. Read messages from my parents
  4. Think about everything I will do when I go home for Christmas
  5. Think about my family visiting in a couple of months and all the places I will show them
  6. Wallow
  7. Make mental lists of all the things I love here
  8. Think about my friend AJ visiting in October
  9. Talk to my friends, especially William and AJ
  10. Tweet sad things
  11. Remind myself that I want to be here
  12. Remind myself why I want to be here
  13. Listen to Leonard Cohen
  14. Cry when I see a dog here that looks like my dog
  15. Read
    Since reading is just what I do and always have done and used to do all the time at home, it makes me feel much more connected to home (but really probably just more connected to myself, but either way it's comforting)
  16. Write this list