1. Hot Spanish Next Door Neighbor
    Has a hot accent, is extremely polite and is most of the time shirtless (especially since his air conditioner broke. Poor him, lucky me). He once asked me if I was going to Starbucks by myself, to which I stupidly but truthfully replied "no." Who knows, if I would have lied and said that yes, in fact, I was headed to Starbucks all in my lonesome, it is possible that there's a tiny chance we'd be dating right now.
  2. Guy in My Overview of Western Art Class Who Slightly Resembles Nathan Followill (Kings of Leon drummer)
    He wears glasses, BRACELETS, and his hair in a man bun--AKA my type. Even though I know absolutely nothing about him, I've created a persona for him. Just like Nathan, he's a drummer in a cool band and probably has at least two tattoos. I've already planned on how I'm going to manage his band one day. I bet that he actually finds Western Art interesting, whereas I fall asleep while the professor talks about stained glass and gay troubled artists.
  3. Guitar Boy On My Floor Who Technically Has a Girlfriend But Is Giving Me Mixed Signals
    I know my strengths and weaknesses. Mostly my weaknesses. Boys who have a general understanding of my favorite band, the Strokes, are one of them. This particular boy was PLAYING the STROKES on his GUITAR one day while I walked past his door. I thought for sure it was fate. He's easy to talk to for long periods of time about nothing. But, he has a girlfriend. So I'm not sure about how to feel about this at the present moment. To be continued....
  4. Boy Who Held the Door Open for me and When I Said "Thank You," Responded "No Prob."
  5. Boy Who is Always Ahead of Me in Line at the Food Truck
    Tell me your secrets. How are you always in the front of the line??? Also, how did you get so good looking????!!!!!! ***************UPDATE*********************** 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃