1. I am low maintenance
    I will most likely forget our anniversary and won't expect you to drop off a Victoria's Secret bag outside of my front door.
  2. I will make your parents love me
    I am polite. SO POLITE. Almost to a fault. I will not swear in front of them and will help your mom wash dishes after dinner.
  3. My ideal date is driving around in the car while I DJ awesome songs
  4. I'll help you merge when you're driving
    I am an excellent copilot
  5. I don't know how to cook but I do know how to order takeout
  6. I think I'm pretty funny
    Major personality points right here
  7. I don't expect you to look/be perfect
    How could I expect this of you when I'm wearing my grandmother's socks right now? Are you not into that? Nevermind.
  8. I am excellent at humming along to the guitar solos of any classic rock song.
    Whenever there is a situation where this will come in handy, I'm your girl.