Trying my best...
  1. I'm trying to become more politically informed
    I like to know what's going on in the world! Since I started caring about politics, I found out that more than one person in my extended family is voting for Ben Carson ;(
  2. I'm trying to care less about what people think of me
    It's easy to say, but hard to do. Does my hair look bouncy or messy in this wind? Is it not sunny enough for me to be wearing my sunglasses? Do I look like I'm trying too hard? Or worse, not hard enough?Does wearing these glasses to a meeting with my professor make me seem more intelligent? Do my shoes smell *that* bad?! -----Enough. "It's none of my business what people say about me." (Maybe I misquoted that. Whatever).
  3. I'm trying to eat/be healthier
    IT'S SO FUCKING HARD TO EAT HEALTHY IN COLLEGE. I ate a "dessert waffle" TWO TIMES last week for DINNER. I can't count how many grilled cheeses I've eaten either. I don't remember the last time I've ate a vegetable. Seriously. Since moving in to college in August, I've been to the gym three times. That averages out to once per month. I don't know how to work the machines so I stick to running around the track, where I average four laps before I need a breather.
  4. I'm trying to be more independent
    I've always considered myself independent because I can use the restroom solo and feel perfectly comfortable being alone. But, college has hurt my independent ego because most of the time, I am alone. I'm alone when I eat, when I walk to class, and at random moments on random benches. I just have to remind myself that when I become a real adult, I'm going to be alone even more. It's a part of growing up.
  5. I'm trying to chill the fuck out
    Much to my crazy, fun, tomboy, ten-year-old self's dismay, I'm my nervous grandmother. I used to tell her to relax when she yelled at me to stop hanging upside down from the tree in her yard. I now get anxiety about everything, including, but not limited to: terrorism, crushes, kidnapping, entering a room full of people, the future, death, forgetting to put on deodorant, failure, making awkward eye contact, stomach noises, and school in general.
  6. I'm trying to become more confident
    I've now become aware of several of my appearance flaws. I have: a big Polish nose, acne scars, thin chapped lips, ugly toes, big feet, and hunched shoulders But I also have some good features, too. I like my thick hair, my long(ish) legs, my full eyebrows, and I can't find any problems with my ears. I feel the most confident while wearing my leather jacket and boots, and wish I felt the same when I wear my moms old sweaters.