1. When I'm walking down the street confidently and stylishly
    Blue Flower- Mazzy Star http://youtu.be/0A76CfrnUKs Always Alright- Alabama Shakes http://youtu.be/IynzsSy3WKg
  2. When I'm gazing longingly out of a window into the rain
    Gagging Order- Radiohead http://youtu.be/IqKllQ9ao6E
  3. When I'm in a car riding shotgun with my best bitches
    Electric Feel- MGMT & Gypsy- Fleetwood Mac & Paper Planes- MIA & Love on Top- Beyoncé
  4. When I'm getting ready for a night out
    Roses- The Chainsmokers & Smothered in Hugs- Guided by Voices http://youtu.be/Fn1U_n0J-I8 Temptation- New Order http://youtu.be/oUjUTG3hwyQ
  5. When I'm in the mood for a song that's not an "easy listen"
    Heroin- The Velvet Underground http://youtu.be/qFLw26BjDZs one of my favorites ever
  6. When I'm about to do anything scary/ amazing/ exciting/ or when I'm laying in bed at 3AM
    Age of Consent- New Order. Possibly tied with Imagine as my favorite song of all time. It always sounds like I'm just hearing it for the first time. The only way to listen to it is on full blast. http://youtu.be/8ahU-x-4Gxw
  7. When I want to listen to something that I will later define as the soundtrack of my teen years
    The entire album of Is This It, by the Strokes. http://youtu.be/dTf109E1T34