The best of the best. In no particular order, my BFFS:
  1. Monica McGregor- this is one smart bitch. She's a smart and hilarious ex-gymnast. She can quote Kanye West with ease, mix patterns like a pro, and can kind of do the Paleo diet. Did I mention that she once made out with a hot Brazilian boy?
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  2. Kayla Belovich- FUTURE TALK SHOW HOST- Maybe the most personable person in the world. I still choose to be friends with her despite her being the pickiest eater in the world, which is saying something. She's also my retirement and life partner.
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  3. Angelo Martin- the biggest bitch of them all. He is the opposite of everything I believe in, but is somehow my best friend. He's the worst and the best. I can't imagine going to the mall without running behind him trying to keep up. He proudly and loudly claims the title "My Favorite Gay."
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  4. Thais Bagiatis- always my "mature" friend even though I'M OLDER. The one who told me at 13 that it was about damn time I started shaving my legs. She even showed me how to use a tampon, so I'm pretty sure that means I have to stay friends with her forever. I once caught her making out with my brother behind my garage, and yet I still like her!
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  5. Erin Cole- she's always worried about something. She's my oldest friend; we go all the way back to January 1997. My Kindergarden friend and "triplet."
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