One in Quebec City. The rest in Philly.
  1. Über Driver
    Valerio, our Über driver this morning in Quebec City. Trilingual, Italian, and very friendly.
  2. Hotel Front Desk
    When we landed in Philly, we called our airport hotel to see if we could drop our bags. The woman at the front desk said she could get us into our rooms early! Thanks!
  3. Bus Driver
    When we left the airport, we got on a bus going to wrong direction. As soon as we didn't take the turn I was expecting, I told the driver. He was very helpful. He told me exactly what to do, gave me some transfers then chatted with me about where we were from.
  4. Train Conductor
    We checked in then got an Über to the closest commuter rail. We thought it would be a station, but it was just a track. The train arrived, and we got on w/o tickets. The conductor let us ride for all the cash we had ($11.35 instead of $12). Funnily enough, we ran into him many hours later at another station, and we ended up chatting for a while about Charlotte and basketball.
  5. Liberty Bell Dude
    He knew history. My husband knew bell making. Very interesting conversation ensued.
  6. Willie in the PSFS Building
    It's a building my husband loves. We went in to see if we could go up to the top and see the cool stuff at the top. A nice man named Willie Houser heard us asking, and he came and took us up! Amazing views. Thanks, Willie!
  7. This guy
    He took our photo at the LOVE sculpture and told us a bunch of stuff to do.
  8. Phillip, Final Über Driver
    Our final Über driver on the Überiest day of my life. He wanted to make damn sure we were going to vote against Trump. You betcha!