1. I don't stop walking when I reach an escalator or moving sidewalk. I keep walking.
  2. I often cuss in front of children.
  3. I don't drink soda.
  4. I don't shower every day.
  5. I often take my shoes off under the table at restaurants.
  6. I'm often 4-7 minutes late to work every day.
  7. I've never had Bojangles.
  8. I don't like The Grateful Dead.
  9. I use bar soap.
  10. I make my own chicken stock.
  11. I'm a very high soprano.
  12. I was born the same week as Sesame Street first aired.
  13. My father is a psychoanalyst.
  14. I eat constantly and always have.
  15. I don't shave my legs, but you can't tell because my leg hair is fair and blonde.
  16. As a young child, I lived in England for three years.
  17. I played the oboe in early high school.
  18. I knit.