Just a few.
  1. My father
    Although we don't see eye to eye on many, many things, my dad has become increasingly open minded and hungry for perspective over the past couple years. It's inspiring and encouraging.
  2. My bandmates
    Three dudes who are super patient with me as I learn more about music and how to play/perform it well. They show me gross memes and rename our songs and our band constantly.
  3. My therapist
    And access to therapy in general. My heart and my head are a whole lot happier because of it.
  4. My gal pals
    Supportive, funny, honest friends who I trust and adore endlessly.
  5. My teachers & mentors
    Have opened doors, told me when to close them, written letters, read essays, given me movies to watch, and reassured me that things will eventually work out.
  6. Cars & Planes
    I've gotten to see a little bit more of the world, and a whole lot more of my state this year. I get stir crazy when I'm in my hometown too long, so I'm very thankful for ways out.