I queue it up.
  1. Narcos
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    Who doesn't love a show about Drug Cartels in Latin America? You learn more about business watching Narcos, than Wharton will ever teach you.
  2. House of Cards
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    Solid Political Drama. You've probably been recommended to watch HOC 4-5 times.
  3. Mr. Robot
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    This show is trippy and interesting. Only has one season to knock out while you are on the Stair Master.
  4. Orange is the New Black
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    Was a big fan the first season- however it went downhill. I will hang on to see if it can redeem itself. I mean season 3 was rough.
  5. Shameless
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    Most underrated show out there. Heart wrenching, tear jerking, lol moments in every episode.
  6. The Mindy Project ( Hello @mindy, people!)
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    No explanation needed. Wish it didn't move to Hulu.
  7. Married at First Sight
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    So I'm new to this show and it's fascinating on so many levels. It's a great group discussion show with people you know.
  8. Homeland
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    Carey is a complete loose cannon 99% of the time. However, best CIA show covering foreign affairs. My Sunday nights will always be reserved for her.