And yet I keep watching...
  1. Zola doesn't speak a full line until she's at least 5 or 6.
    But shows no other signs of developmental delay
  2. Speaking of Zola, where the fuck are the kids?!
    I get that they want to focus plot time on the characters old enough to have actual drama, but come on.
  3. How many disasters can one hospital go through in the span of 10 years?
  4. Mental illness is solved by a therapeutic breakthrough within a season or two.
    PTSD, OCD, etc...these things don't finish so quickly or cleanly. And yes, within 2 years is quickly in the world of emotional disorders.
  5. Everyone either sleeps with, or is related to, everyone
    It's practically incest
  6. There are no characters who aren't working at the hospital.
    Yeah surgeons are busy but don't they have friends from the first 25ish years of their lives?
  7. They could have so easily ended the show happily by having Derek and Meredith follow through on their move to D.C.
    They deserved that.
  8. "Derek had to die in order for Meredith and Derek's love to remain true." - Shonda Rhimes
    Right, which is why we had to witness this atrocity weeks before his death.
    Suggested by   @sharpfeng
  9. How did the writers actually think they could get away with not showing Cristina & Addison at Derek's funeral?
    For that matter, they should have showed all of Derek's sisters and his mom. I get that the actresses probably weren't available but let's be real did they actually think they could just throw in 1 little mention of the great Cristina Yang and Addison Montgomery after DEREK SHEPHERD'S DEATH and everybody would be satisfied? No. No. No. No. No. Also no.
    Suggested by   @sharpfeng
  10. Everyone cheats.
    None of the couples last because everyone cheats on each other.
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  11. The way Izzie left was so out of character.
    Also, really, she never spoke to Mer, Alex or Cristina again?! They should have had her die from cancer. It would have been sad but much better than that hack of an exit.
    Suggested by   @sharpfeng