And they say screen time rots our brains...
  1. How to spell Cincinnati.
    @rebeccazemel used to watch Babes in Toyland maybe three times a week. The Keanu/Drew version for anyone keeping score.
  2. How to take a tequila shot.
    The Cutting Edge is one of my favorites and grossly underrated. The scene where Moira Kelly and DB Sweeney take shots taught me everything I needed to know.
  3. I before E, except after C.
    From an episode of Talespin I watched in elementary school. Kit and Baloo start a skywriting business and chaos ensues when they don't know how to spell.
  4. Realistic NYC expectations.
    SATC and RHONY. Psych - such lies. Brunch in heels on cobblestones?! Are you out of your mind? But I did learn how to correctly pronounce all sorts of fashion names.
  5. Perseverance.
    There's an episode of Full House where Michelle needs to cook something to earn a Girl Scout badge (or the TV version of Girl Scouts). She tries combining all her favorite foods but ends up with things like tuna salad ice cream. In her requisite heart-to-heart with Uncle Jesse, he reminds her to keep trying and to have perseverance. "Perse-what," she says. He explains, she makes an orange juice Popsicle and everyone lives happily ever after.