As requested by @sally. A fairly long list for a kid whose parents had nothing to do with the military. Also have to give honorable mention to Bruceville, Texas, where I went to/worked at summer camp for eight years. Every kid should be so lucky. Thanks to @rebeccazemel for the hint.
  1. New York, New York, 2006-2012
    This will come as a surprise to many, since it took me two years until I called it home. This was my first home as an adult, where I made my first friends outside of college, had epic nights, discovered delicious food (looking at you Alta), and dated/engaged/married @donnie. Also, living above a grocery store/24-hour CVS makes everything easier.
  2. Bloomington, Indiana, 2001-2005
    I'd say it's actually tied for first place but it's college so what's not to love.
  3. San Francisco, California, 2012-Present
    For a girl who currently owns more than 30 sweaters, living in SF is a fashion dream. I love my job, the babe was born here, it's uber-relaxed compared to NYC, and who knew I was kind of a outdoors person (and by outdoors, I mean I'll walk through a park to get to an eating or drinking establishment). Gets bumped down to 3rd because every grocery store is closed by 9pm. ( dear Bryan's - who the hell is finished food shopping at 6:30?? Love, Abby)
  4. Tulsa, Oklahoma, 2000-2001
    My high-school graduation present was to move back to Tulsa for my senior year (see last place for the complete story). Got to be with all my old friends, at a school I loved, in groups/clubs I loved, plus by being gone for a year, there was an air of mystery about me (that lasted until about September but a girl can dream...)
  5. Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1995-1999
    We moved to Tulsa (the first time) in the middle of 6th grade and stayed until the end of sophomore year. Fashion highlights include flannel shirts, black jeans and white Nikes, wearing my dads button downs under sweater vests, overalls, and those black platform slides with a giant piece of elastic as the shoe. Middle school was, ya know, middle school, but I loved high school. I had it pretty good.
  6. Columbus, Indiana, 1988-1995
    Elementary school (go Pirates!), what's not too like? Best friend sleepovers, art and PE in the same day, Girl Scouts, riding my bike around the neighborhood until dark - pretty great. Downside - my mom still cut my hair and was really into bangs. Also, my best friend's family loved their video camera so lots of our embarrassing moments are forever captured on giant VHS tapes.
  7. St. Louis, Missouri, 1983-1988
    I was born here and the pictures tell me my days were filled with trips to Grant's Farm, the zoo and Busch Stadium. Ranked low because I don't remember much, but I'm told it was awesome.
  8. Tulsa, Oklahoma, 2005-2006
    Ugh, moving back to your hometown after college is depressing/eye-opening. Got my first grown-up job, first time I lived alone, first time I realized I did not want to live in Tulsa. Spent most weekends flying to NYC to visit @donnie or going back to my happy place (see #2).
  9. Las Vegas, Nevada, 1999-2000
    Woof. For all you parents or would-be parents: if you have a teenager who is happy, still talks to you and is loving school, do NOT move them in the middle of high school. Now my family calls it an experiment but it was a rough 365 days (it was a leap year so I didn't technically live there for a full year). A kid shot something into his arm next to me during chemistry class. I was sure to include that in the horribly moody "poetry" I wrote that year. Also, lots of carpenter jeans. Thanks, Mom.