If I like a new song, I listen on repeat forever. I realized today I attend concerts the same way...
  1. John Mellencamp
    Twice. Once a Hoosier...
  2. Marc Broussard
    Four. Absolutely worth the show. Go. And if he plays "Save Me," call me and hold up the phone, kay?
  3. Tim McGraw
    At least twice.
  4. Guster
    I think I'm up to 4? Could be 5.
  5. Darius Rucker
    Twice. FYI, he sings Hootie hits too.
  6. The Lone Bellow
    Maybe three? So good in both really big and really small venues.
  7. Kenny Chesney
  8. Counting Crows
  9. Fun.
    Twice, two weeks apart.