"Operating with a broken heart" 😷💔 I owe everything to @sally. I'll try not to present you with an album cover when you're here.
  1. Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus
    Opening montage as we see Sally wake up and get ready to go to work.
  2. Africa by Toto
    Background music in the OR when our heroine locks eyes with the handsome visiting doctor. Oohhh, foreshadowing.
  3. House Party by Sam Hunt
    That scene where cute doctor comes over to Sally's and they eat mac and cheese in (clean) scrubs.
  4. Fight Song - Rachel Platten
    Trailer music, and when I decide to chase Angus to Mozambique and am barreling through the airport.
    Suggested by @sally
  5. Halo - Beyoncé (ukulele version)
    To play over the credits. Totally @camillard's call.
    Suggested by @sally
  6. Follow Your Arrow - Kasey Mustgraves
    This is for a pivotal point of having no fucks left to give and taking that one last risk. Twist: the British man-boy stays behind and follows the protagonist because #LeanIn and #feminism.
    Suggested by @donnie
  7. We Are The World
    Played over montage of children they are saving while they stare at each other across the hospital tent
    Suggested by @aswinn
  8. There She Goes - Sixpence None the Richer
    When Angus leaves for Mozambique not knowing if she'll follow.
    Suggested by @karenelkinscohen