I genuinely want to understand these things. Part rant, part curiosity.
  1. Pedestal sinks
    Where does your stuff go?
  2. Claw foot tubs
    Aren't you cold?
  3. Infant ear piercing
    Probably going to catch some heat for this one.
  4. The landfill/recycle/compost bins in SF.
    I am a gainfully employed adult with a masters' degree and I spend minutes staring at this every time I throw something away. For the sake of all that is holy, help.
  5. People who stay on the phone while interacting with cashiers/servers/etc.
  6. Why I can't own a water bottle that doesn't leak.
  7. Del Taco
    Doesn't the name imply it is related to the taco? Meaning it's not actually a taco?
  8. Parents who have a kid with special needs, but send them to camp without telling the staff.
  9. Baby food blenders
    How is this not just a small blender?