Go check out @sally's list to learn about the rom-com that is her life. Then come back here and name the movie.
  1. Love Without Borders
  2. The Man-Bun
  3. To Mozambique, With Love
  4. The Rotation
  5. Tip Top
  6. Saving Colonel Angus
    Suggested by @rebeccazemel
  7. Paging Destiny (if this movie was made in the mid-90s and starred Patrick Dempsey)
    Suggested by @nina
  8. Doctor's Orders
    Suggested by @Abby
  9. Making The Cut
    Because surgical rotation, obvi. I can see the Peter Travers review now, "Matthias Schoenaerts had me in stitches as Angus". (Cc @sally)
    Suggested by @Suzanne
  10. Sallvation (Like Grey's Anatomy - pun conjunctive)
    Suggested by @dena