I had a very eye-opening Tuesday. Also, kind of a brain dump.
  1. When it is 80 degrees in your apartment, look for a baby-friendly bar.
    It was cool(er) and darker than home, which meant Monkey could sleep. Also, cold beer.
  2. If I liked someone enough to be friends once, I probably still like them.
    Had drinks with a college roommate/sorority sister that I love, but we're not in frequent contact. It was so nice to talk with her and she's just as funny and ballsy as I remember.
  3. I'm not the only one who is bad at staying in touch.
    I know what's happening with people because of Facebook but I'm really bad at reaching out for actual conversation. I assumed everyone else was talking all the time but it's not true.
  4. I like being thought of as a good gift-giver, probably too much.
    Was helping @donnie look for a birthday present for his dad for twenty minutes after he'd already gone to bed. I should have been asleep too.
  5. Shipping through Amazon can be obnoxious AF.
    Ordered things to arrive next day (yay Prime) but they shipped through OnTrac, which does not have a gate key to deliver the package. No one is home to open the gate so it's most certainly not next day. And if it doesn't work on day 3, they'll let me drive to South San Francisco to pick it up. How generous. 😒
  6. Things that were super important in college seem so small now.
    I basically say this for a living (I work with teenagers) but I sort of forgot to apply it to myself. At drinks with the college roommate, we couldn't remember who we lived with the semester before. I LIVED with people that I now forget to remember other things.
  7. Hiring is scary.
    I'm relatively new to the manager/supervisor game and I have to hire lots of new people this year. Lots of pressure. Really want to get this right.
  8. The teens in the Chopped Teens competition are already more grown up than me.
    Knife skills and defined passions in life. Killing it and not even graduated from high school.