There's only so much "twinkle twinkle" a girl can take. Please note it is only 2pm.
  1. Circle of Life from The Lion King
    He really liked the mumbled jibberish intro. Showing a flair for languages?
  2. Can You Feel the Love Tonight by Elton John
    We were working off a theme.
  3. Almost Honest by Josh Kelley
    A little broken-hearted love song couldn't hurt.
  4. Shoop by Salt 'n Pepa
    I once asked Facebook what could I know if I didn't still remember every word to Shoop. In the moment, getting the babe to sleep seems way more important than geometry.
  5. Color is a Beautiful Thing by Nina Simone
    It's in a Behr paint commercial and I watch way too much HGTV. Can't get that song out if my head. Has a good rhythm for bouncing along.
  6. Can't Get You Outta My Head by Kylie Minogue
    This happens every time: I think to myself that I've got some song stuck in my head. Mind paraphrases to "can't get it out of my head." Kylie gets stuck in my head again. The babe wasn't a fan.
  7. Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard.
    Apparently having a child means all the lyrics to appropriate songs fly out of your head, leaving you to sing raunchy hair-band songs as if you were pregaming in college. Judge if you want but the babe fell asleep.