@rebeccazemel celebrates her birthday today. Just wanted to share some adorable facts:
  1. Her lucky number used to be 84.
  2. When she was much smaller, she used to say "eleventy-seven" instead of 17.
  3. She can name and place every country in the world.
    I watched her do it in a game. It's insane.
  4. She's so much braver than me.
    When she graduated college, she didn't know what she wanted to do. Instead of hiding in a desk job until she figured it out (what I would have done), she took actual time to figure out who she wanted to be. Ballsy. I love it.
  5. Her Hebrew name means waterfall.
    She got to choose it. I don't think it's TLC-related but I can't promise.
  6. She wanted to change her name to Sparkle Cherry.
  7. She's a phenomenal aunt to Monkey.
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  8. In elementary school, she'd come home and grab some decorative tassels, flip them over so they had "hair" and pretend they were a family.
    She did the same with crayons.
  9. She's got the travel bug.
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    March of The Living tour in high school. A semester abroad in Italy led to all sorts of European travels. Then she spent 8 weeks in Uganda building medical clinics. But seriously, she's got great sandwich recommendations if you're ever in Florence.
  10. Some people say we look like twins but we don't see it. See for yourself.
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    Didn't even think we looked related until a few years ago.
  11. Her ideal miso soup to Sriracha ratio is 50/50.
  12. She introduced me to the concept of a Mental Health Day.
    In middle school (I think), she asked my mom to stay home because she needed a mental health day. She felt fine, just overwhelmed. What kind is pre-teen knows themselves that well?
  13. Want to woo her? Bring show tunes, Cheetos, and wine.
  14. She's really funny.
    Like really funny. See her first List as an example.
  15. She can do hair magic with a bobby pin.
    I can barely braid and she can pull off an upside down French braid into a perfectly coifed top knot.
  16. She's a really great sister.
    We've always gotten along, save for one 6-week period when we shared a room. She eye-rolls our parents with me. We can speak in code (in three languages!) because she gets me. Really, the best.
  17. 😃🎂,✨🍒!!🎶!
    Happy birthday, Sparkle Cherry. Jazz!