Inspired by @donnie's list, these are my thoughts about returning to my adolescent camp as an adult with a spouse and a baby (in no particular order).
  1. Holy shit, I think I packed this kid's whole room to take with us. What the hell am I going to wear? I can still care about that, right?
  2. Dear baby, please don't make us those people on the plane. Look, lots of babies! I can totally blame them if you freak out.
  3. It's 6pm and hot as balls. I'm not wearing a coat! I love Texas!
  4. I have at least 5 country radio stations to choose from. I love Texas!
  5. Oh, can't forget to go to Starbucks in Temple, exit 301. Why do I still remember highway exits for places like this. I bet I could still get to Wal-Mart w/o directions.
  6. Ninfa's, here I come! Is getting queso as an app before cheese enchiladas overkill? Nope.
    Seriously, good tex-mex if you ever find yourself in Waco.
  7. There are hundreds of people here that I don't know, and I know lots of people. That means this place has impacted sooo many people. 😍 😍😍 Damn I love camp.
  8. My kid is so stinking cute, it kind of hurts.
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  9. It's 11pm and I'm sitting on still-warm-from-the-sun cement and taking to people I've known since the mid90's. This is the life.
  10. Where is my family? Everyone is wearing white, they blend in.
  11. Is it too late to join the medical profession so I can come back as camp nurse?
  12. I've never been to Kerbey Lane not hungover. I hope it's as good as I remember. <meal comes> Holy hell this is delicious. If I move to Texas, breakfast will be one of the contributing factors.
  13. Did that car dealership really just offer a free firearm with every car? What in the hell??
  14. This place. That smell. Those sunsets. Damn.