This was my parents' go-to form of punishment for me. I spent a lot of my early teenage years grounded. But of all the times I was punished to teach me a lesson, I can only remember two. @rebeccazemel, what say you? Please add your own.
  1. The Adidas Incident
    Adidas Gazelles were all the rage when I was in 6th grade and I finally convinced my parents that I should have them. We drove to the Shoe Carnival in Indy and found a pair in green in my size. Then drove to Foot Locker and found them for a better deal, because there was a teeny tiny scuff in the suede. We drove back to Shoe Carnival to return pair #1 and I tried to switch the scuffed pair for the pristine pair. Mom caught me and told me I was stealing. Grounded and no shoes.
  2. The Homecoming Incident
    Senior year Homecoming and we've just moved back to Tulsa. My parents tell me to call them if I'm going to spend the night at Beth's house (up until this point, I have never been allowed to go out without plans to return home). Dance ends, go to friend's house, try to call to check in and can't remember new phone number. Stayed out anyway, had my first drink(s), came home the next day and got buuusted. But just for not calling, the plethora of Seabreezes never came into play.
  3. Donuts in an elementary school parking lot.
    So this was one of a few major fuck ups but this one was the worst. I didn't have my hard license yet and I lost it. I was charged with misdemeanor exhibition of speed (which was tossed out of court cause the cop over stepped) but the DMV took away my license for 6 months and I was grounded for a vast majority of this time.
    Suggested by @donnie
  4. 94 mph in a Buick LeSaber
    Perhaps this one was worse...I had to go out to have dinner with my friends in Universal City (at City Walk, duh) when I was left in charge of my little sister @sally. On my way home I wanted to see what my mom's company car could do on the open road but the CHP didn't agree. They pulled me over, at my exit, and gave me a ticket for going 94 (I was doing 100+ #whiteprivilege for sure) which is the fastest ticket that can be given without taking the driver to jail.
    Suggested by @donnie
  5. The Little Sister Incident
    I don't think I made this up: you had one of those rolly chairs at your desk at our first house in Tulsa. I was futzing with it and pulled the wrong lever, giving myself a black eye. Without explicit lies, I blamed you and I'm pretty sure you got grounded
    Suggested by @rebeccazemel
  6. Little Sister Incident Pt II
    And the one time you tried to buy me alcohol in high school (but really just took it from the garage...which I could have done) I got grounded and you got off scot-free. Rude.
    Suggested by @rebeccazemel
  7. Failure to turn off the alarm clock
    We once disagreed about the definition of "home before curfew." (I was in the driveway with a girl named Jillian and believed that should count.) Dad eliminated future disagreements by placing an alarm clock outside their bedroom door and setting it for midnight. "If it goes off you have a big problem." It only went off once. I was grounded for 6 weeks but only after 8pm. Creative, sadistic patenting.
    Suggested by @NoahGeisel