Inspired by @Abby and the ridiculous amount of television I've watched recently.
  1. Bethenny Frankel
    Reality checks and snarky side comments
  2. Judge Marilyn Milian
    Legal, telling it like it is
  3. Kate Beckett and Richard Castle
    Protection and solving crimes.
  4. Bones and Booth
    Medical and crime-solving. There is apparently a lot of crime in my tv-infiltrated world.
  5. Suki St. James
    Friend, chef
  6. Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
    Couldn't hurt, right?
  7. Hank Lawson
    Medical, general macguyver-ness
  8. Joan Clayton
    Everyone needs a friend to freak out with.
  9. Rayna James
    Musical accompaniment, motherly advice, hairstylist
  10. Chip and Joanna Gaines
    Home maintenance
  11. Stacy London
    Styling, how to walk in those heels
  12. CJ Cregg
  13. Mr. Feeney
    Continuing education.
  14. Jim Walsh
    Financial planning, fatherly advice