For the reasons below, I now can't be in a room without it. Would love to know other tricks I can teach my phone. Teach me your ways.
  1. White Noise
    One night around eleven, the batteries in the white noise machine died. App Store to the rescue. Husband found a free white noise app and now I can take the ocean with me anywhere. Or Tibetan singing bowls. You do you.
  2. Mirror
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    We all know that you can use the selfie view camera angle to check for errant spinach in our teeth or apply lipstick in the backseat of an Uber. But you can also use it to take a picture of your kid's face when they're burrowed in some weird position to see if they're awake. Bonus: pics like this.
  3. Pen and Paper
    Can't get off the couch because you have a (finally) sleeping baby but need proof you paid your credit card bill? Screen shot! My camera roll is now entirely pictures of the babe and Bank of America screenshots.