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  1. Snacks
    A variety of them because you will get bored with what you bring -my favourites are skittles, mini chocolate bars, pretzels and popcorn.
  2. Smart phone and charger
    You will get bored... Facebook, instagram and li.st are your bff
  3. Liquids
    You will get thirsty and bathroom breaks are a great reason to leave
  4. A buddy
    To send sparky texts. So. Much. Fun.
I have had a crazy week that has felt a million years long. today is the last day of this work week and I'm on call for any emergencies. how will I survive this day.
  1. Coffee/diet pepsi.
    Nothing will keep me flowing get through this day other than these two. F water bring on the caffeine and aspartame
  2. Cheesecake
    Delicious creamy tart cherry topping cheesecake, ,need I say more?
  3. Manicure
    I could definitely use some pampering to get myself through the day.
  4. A rabbits foot garlic good luck and a knock on wood
    Cause the way I've been feeling! I need it!
  1. Photo of me and my friends dad's Maserati...I call it blue steel
  2. Mother's day steak
  3. Snaps what I'd look like with a nose job
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