A six hour drive, no big deal you say. A six hour drive one-on-one with one parent, a different story. As I embark on this journey, these items are crucial to my survival.
  1. Headphones
    TWO pairs minimum. God forbid one broke.
  2. Sunglasses
    These right huur are multi-use. They can function as actual sun blockers, a signal that your not down to talk, a signal to SHUT THE F UP, or just to look chic if you spot someone worthy in the car driving next to you.
  3. Endless food
    Enough is never enough. 9 lbs of cherries? Bring it on. 6 bags of "Family Size" (whatever that means) popcorn? Necessary. BRING IT ALL.
  4. Sweat suite
    No, I do not mean sweat pants OR sweat shirt. I mean both, because why subject one half of your body to hours of jealousy when only your upper body is comfy.
  5. Socks
    Smelly feet, while they may be fun to torture thy parent, in turn really suck for you just as much.
  6. Book
    This is solely for pretending, never actually read.
  7. Chapstick
    Hydrate dem lips in your free time.
  8. Diapers
    Don't pull over to go to the bathroom, 6 hours will easily turn into 7 then 8 then 12.
  9. Nuse
    Just incase, you never know where life will take you. #bettersafethansorry said the hoarder.