requested by my main b @meowmeow
  1. iced black coffee
  2. black dr martens
  3. red sneakers
  4. fresh flowers
  5. very large woven blankets
  6. one extremely soft feather pillow
    like, u could easily smother yourself it is THAT soft n plushy
  7. just-made bed
  8. organized workspace
  9. being at the top of a mountain
  10. being on the roof of a tall building
  11. physical maps
  12. souvenirs
    trinkets, rocks, postcards, magnets, MUGS
  13. anything citrus themed
    florida bb 4ever
  14. snuggles
    the really nestlike kind
  15. unexpected architecture
  16. biographies
  17. hearing someone else giggle uncontrollably
  18. finding things in unusual places
  19. beautiful movies
  20. music that makes you cry
  21. wearing jeans straight out of the dryer
  22. thoughtful texts
  23. being in the middle of a sketchbook
    i hate starting and finishing them but there is something so satisfying about being right in the middle
  24. being alone in a hot tub
    with a good view and a cold alcoholic beverage in hand
  25. to be continued