reasons today is good

may 25 2016
  1. lavender almond oil
  2. butterflies in the stomach
  3. I have never appreciated warmth and hot weather this much in my life
  4. perfect amount of breeze
  5. a steam moving so slowly but surely
  6. basking
    reveling in it
  7. the greenest spring
  8. seeing green and yellow more vividly than ever this year
  9. there is is this haze around distant trees
    maybe pollen// it's so greeb
  10. red pepper flakes
    tomato evoo avo
  11. sitting on grass and not caring about it and dirt
  12. Ants On My Leg And I Don't Care
  13. fast ripples like a fish back comin outta nowhere
  14. an old man who just wants to throw stones with a huge smile on a perfect day
  15. taking major chances
  16. Saul Levine and Scott MacDonald bringing people together