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Not nearly complete, but what I can remember at the moment.
  1. Once you've stretched in the morning, it's impossible to go back to sleep.
  2. Contacts are a natural part of the human body and if you touch your eye, you can take them out.
  3. Artists would record several versions of a song, stopping at various places so that you could pause.
    Completely illogical in every single way, I don't even know.
4 more...
  1. If they tripped you first
  2. If they've ever said, "preferably" but stressing 'fer'. Ever.
  3. If they think they're on a catwalk and you need to trip them back into reality.
  4. If they're Donald Trump
  1. Tried to smile during a yawn while also dodging ulcers
  2. MaryGrace spelled the word 'question' 'wuesyionV'
  3. chose The List App over biology study guide, again
3 more...
  1. "Can I get an iced vanilla latte please?"
  2. "Stop singing, I'm trying to read"
  3. "I didn't get that email"
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Lions and dogs are people too.
  1. Mark Wahlberg
  2. Taylor Goldsmith
  3. Chris Giattina
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