But not really because I love them all. @john
  1. In Your Atmosphere
    Finally heard this live in 2013 in St. Louis and cried.
  2. Born and Raised
    This song saved my life. I will never forget the first time I heard it, like it came straight from my head. Except better because I'm no JM.
  3. Edge of Desire
    Silently screaming, I have to have you now. Need I say more?
  4. Walt Grace
    This song is a dream.
  5. Dreaming With A Broken Heart
    Always wanted to hear this one live, still waiting. 😉
  6. Waiting On The Day
    I'll hang my things and stay. Just say the word.
  7. Love Soon
    Awe, fetus John.
  8. Man On The Side
    I did this to a guy once, this song always makes me feel bad about it. Thanks John.
  9. Taking On Water
    Why wasn't this on an album?
  10. Slow Dancing In A Burning Room
    Possibly one of the greatest songs ever written.
  11. Love Is A Verb
    Have a tattoo dedicated to this one.
  12. Wildfire
    My summer jam.
  13. Neon
    This songs reminds me of my teenage self.
  14. Gravity
    Is there really any explanation needed?
  15. Why Georgia
    Basically me in my mid 20's.
  16. A Face To Call Home
    This is the song you imagine was written about you.
  17. Wheel
    I believe my life's gonna see the love I give returned to me. Me too John.
  18. The Hurt
    Should've been on an album.
  19. Comfortable
    This always gets me deep in my feelings.
  20. Dear Marie
    Brings back wonderful memories of a boy I used to love.
  21. Okay, I'm exhausted. Just listen to all of his work, it will change your life.