Just got out of a busy March.. not the enviable kind of busy
  1. Datathon
    Rallied a team of 6 from Capers. Will we commit to the full month of work? Not sure.
  2. Take stock and scope new requirements for client
    Better do this fast
  3. Reengineer data process for client
    Before one client member gets back and sits at the terminal aka her rightful desk
  4. Finish Clean Code book
  5. Liking pilates!
  6. Back to lunch and dins prep
    Not a bad thing!
  7. Bike riding cos baby finally fixed the bike
  8. Act on PDM's advice
    Reaching out to ppl isn't hard, committing to help is
  9. OOP and full stack web dev training commences freal
    Need a deadline for these things..
  10. Sydney w babe