Before 7:00am...
  1. You wake up at 4:45am... On your day off
  2. 5:00am you start getting work emails... On your day off...
  3. 5:15am you have to pee really bad, but refuse to get up because you are pissed you're awake so early
  4. 5:20am you give in and go pee
  5. 5:30am your dog is still sound asleep under the covers
  6. 5:45am you have a burst of energy and try and get your dog up to go for a walk: fail! Dogs army crawls more under the covers
  7. 6:30am I finally get tired
  8. 6:45am my dog paws at me go pee
  9. 7:00am up way too early for a morning to sleep in