Positive Aspirations for Our Family Move to South Korea:

Our lil Army Family is Embarking on Our 1st Overseas Move to Daegu. We have been stateside for these past 25 years of my husbands career. Adventure awaits....
  1. Reinvention/change of myself to work hard on my personal & emotional growth!
    I see a list for this is the future..lol
  2. Learn a new language of course.
  3. Explore Buddhism like I have always wanted.
  4. Downsize on materialize. Move what is needed only. Leave the clutter back in the States.
    The less to clean & manage, the more time to explore, learn & grow!!
  5. Live with less THINGS, Learn to Love what TRUELY Matters More!!
  6. Sincerely & Whole heartily I want to "Be the change, I wish to see in the World"
  7. Do not react out of frustration or anger. Learn to Pause and Just Breathe!!