Thanks, Internet
  1. Shiver, Lucy Rose guitar chords
    This song is simple and quiet and wonderful. Now I just need someone to sing it to . . .
  2. Words per hour editing standard
    Apparently, it's 2,000 words per hour. That's actually the figure I came up with after I logged my progress today. So if it's Php 0.05 per word and I work 8 hours a day: 2,000 x 8 x 0.05 = Php 800 a day and Php 17,600 a month (with regular 2-day breaks each week). That's not great, but it's not bad either. Considering I earned the same amount when I was working in Manila, and I had a horrible boss, long hours and sometimes weekends, bills, and the fact that I WAS IN MANILA! So, yeah, not bad.
  3. Best time to take vitamin C
    My allergies are worse than ever, and I don't want to keep taking antihistamines so I figured maybe the vitamins will help. Mornings, with your breakfast, is the answer by the away.