My mom had an expired 20% off coupon, so we obviously went and things got weird. This trip was set to the soundtrack of Ryan Cabrera's On the Way Down.
  1. Your pets too can now enjoy a rustic drinking experience
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  2. This unfortunate translation
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  3. I feel like these were also the selling points of a 1950s housewife 💁
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  4. All I can imagine is a modern remake of The Brave Little Toaster with The Brave Little Steamer. Set in LA
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  5. This miiiiight be a little aggressive for a game of fetch
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  6. I wasn't aware that I should be self-conscious of the pores on my legs
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  7. Full disclosure: I think Elf on the Shelf is just as strange. I just enjoy saying mensch on a bench
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  8. Keeping your feet hydrated, y'all
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  9. I was blocking the aisle when I was taking a picture of this and an old man got grumpy with me. I don't know
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