1. Gilmore girls
    I mean every time I go through this beautiful gift of a tv show, I feel like I get something new out of it, the characters are all funny and dynamic, and it's somehow both nostalgic and fresh for me. The lines I know by heart still make me laugh and I truly don't ever think it'll ever die for me
  2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    If nothing else I would play this endlessly because of how I mportant and game changing Buffy is in strong female character department. But really this show has everything. It's thrilling, heartbreaking, heartwarming, hilarious and set in a magical whedon-verse that's smart and interesting and never gets old!!
  3. The office/ 30 Rock/ parks and rec
    Ya I couldn't just pick one of these so I'm including all of the one time NBC Thursday night comedy block shows as one beautiful list item. They're so different and so game changing in their own ways. Can anyone even believe there was a time when there were all new in ONE NIGHT??THATS INSANE.
  4. Bob's burgers
    This show is a revelation and it opened my eyes to see what "adult" cartoons could offer. H Jon could read the dictionary and I'd lol but this show is genius and all of the characters are my favorite, there's no choosing, I relate in ways to all the Belchers. Not to mention the killer pun work on that show and dope original songs such as "electric love", "buckle it up (or you'll die)", "butts butts butts" and "will you be mine (coal mine)" to name just a mere few
  5. Band of brothers
    This one is definitely an emotional ride but such a important one. The beautifully told story of a group of ordinary men who signed up to be extraordinary men in the face of a daunting enemy. The theme music makes me tear up. It's inspiring and well done and real.
  6. Rick and morty
    This is a fairly recent love for me, but as a long time Harmontown listener and appreciator of all that Dan Harmon has to offer from his crazy mind, this cartoon is genius and hilarious and weird and wonderful. It feels like a coherent and animated version of the podcast which is just gold, only more incredible things to come
  7. Game of thrones
    What a ridiculous, crazy, awesome show, the amount of characters alone would require me watching this forever to fully remember everyone's names. This show is the best and Ill love it forever
  8. Everwood
    Well this one had to make the list because I'm like such a committed champion of what this show brings to the table. Maybe it was its elusive existence during my high school years that made me love it so much but I really do think the characters and story are so great and I stand by Chris Pratt's original character Bright Abbott. He was great then and is still great now.
  9. Studio 60
    I had to pick an Aaron Sorkin because the way his shows feel and the way they make me feel are unlike any other show. I could have picked the west wing but instead I choose the controversial, cancelled studio 60 on the sunset strip partly because of a delightful matthew Perry, party because I watch it like a long 22 hour movie, but mostly I'm endlessly fascinated by the behind the scenes of an snl type show
  10. Scrubs
    It's guy love between two guys. I love Zach Braff i love bill Lawrence i love scrubs. I just do, I never don't lol. This entire show is a big sneak hug. Every season is funny, every goof is great