1. Lord of the Rings trilogy
    I mean I know it's obvious and I've actually thought about this one a great deal but like the just all hung out in New Zealand for 3 years together becoming (I assume) best friends?? That sounds amazing. Also, learning to ride horses and shoot archery and drinking probably a lot of beer (again I assume)
  2. Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing
    The word on the street is that they spent two weeks at Joss Whedon's home having amazing parties and shooting this adorable and way fun modern Shakespearean flick?? Drinking red wine and causally delving into Shakespeare's most delightful comedy? What else is there??
  3. Harry Potter franchise
    Again, obvious, but I just want to iterate that I don't even know how any of us let these movies happen without demanding to be a tiny bit a part of its creation. That's insane. We're all dumb. I just want to have like held someone's coat for them like behind the camera or maybe and I mean mayyyybe have like been a Hogwarts student in a scene that was eventually cut. Like I don't even care. Just something.
  4. Veronica Mars movie
    Ok now this one was kickstarted?? Can you imagine how great they all felt literally making this movie cause people wanted it so badly?? Love the grassroots feel, loving the crew, loving the reunion of a beloved show being cut off at its prime.
  5. Hot Rod
    Everyone I love is here! I would love to have just been in the crowd at that big ass stunt. The creation of this movie you just know would have been top notch ridiculous and I'm like, sign me up
  6. Mamma Mia
    When I watch any scene from this movie, I have to pretend I'm not crazy jealous of all of them just hanging out in Greece and dancing around with Meryl. Those are two of the most ideal things.
  7. The Parent Trap
    Like yes I do want to have witnessed Lindsay Lohan play the roles of a lifetime. Why didn't they just find twins?? Regardless, I would have loved to see the behind the scenes movie magic on this one (obviously I know that there are movies that have used more special effects that are way crazier but this stunt has never ceased to blow my mind, I guess also you could say The Social Network to watch Armie Hammer play the Winklevoss twins, but I didn't)