Including some songs on the soundtrack not written by/for the musical but are in the film and thus, fair game
  1. We go together (like ramamamlamamanaahdighngindingdadong)
    Is there a happier song out there in the world that exists today? Follow up question: is there a better song out there that ends with a car literally lifting into the air without any astonishment from the dancing crowd below? The last desperate hope of a group of high school friends thinking they'll be literal bffs, delusional and perfect
  2. You're the one that I want
    Out with the old Sandy D, she for sure didn't cut it. Danny, cute attempt with that letterman sweater but take it off, no nerds allowed (take a seat Eugene).
  3. Summer Niiiiiiiiiiiights
    Hey there traditional gender roles, hey there blatant sexual innuendo that I never caught as a child, please tell me if he has a car or not, it's v important
  4. Look at me (I'm Sandra Dee)
    Regardless of who you truly relate to in this movie (we all know it's patty Simcox) anyone can put on a wig and make fun of sandy and tell Elvis to keep his pelvis faaaaaaaaar from me
  5. Grease lightening
    Automatic, systematic, hyyyyyyyyyydromatic. This car could not be more 'matic if it tried
  6. Hand jive
  7. Blue moon
    Dannnnny you big ole dumb, run after sandy and don't dance with cha cha. But also do because yes.
  8. Sandy (Stranded at the drive in)
    the raw travolta passion he infused into this one. He elongates every word of this song to perfection. It just hits all the right notes for me (also the hilarious animation happening behind him at the drive in only makes it that much better)
  9. Worse things I could do
    Yea just try not to feel the emotion of this deep track stockard Channing/future First Lady Bartlett power ballad "I don't steal and I don't lieeee but I can feel and I can cry, a fact I'll bet you never knewwww." She's just trying to keep it together!!
  10. Beauty school dropout
    This song is the most rude. It's just full of horrifically insulting things that no person much less someone who accidentally dyed her hair pink in tinting class should have to sit through. So Frankie Avalon, turn in YOUR teasing comb and go back to high school FOR ONCE
  11. Grease intro song
    This song pretty much just exists to fully pump me up for all the much better songs that are coming up, but it does do that for sure
  12. Hopelessly devoted to you
    I've just always struggled with this one to be completely honest. Sorry sandy, I know your sad, but you're not pulling sad off the way Danny does at the drive in after he's bummed he tried to make out with you and you ran off.