We all expect college to be fun and a high point in our lives socially and academically, but here's why it causes me to panic.
  1. Suddenly I have to study to do well
    In high school I hardly had to study, if at all. Now I could study for hours and still not understand.
  2. Everyone else seems to have their life figured out
    It sometimes feels like you're the only without it all figured out and though we know that's not the case, we still feel anxious thinking about it
  3. Deciding what to do over summer is suddenly difficult
    Do I work to pay for school? Do I get an internship? Do I take summer courses? Should I maybe just relax? ... Nah
  4. Paying for college is no fun
    Though financial aid makes this easier sometimes there is still money that has to be paid and even if parents are willing to help it freaks me out to know that money is being shelled out with no immediate compensation.
  5. If you don't have a car you can't really go anywhere
    This isn't really an anxiety thing for those without a car unless you are emotionally attached to driving, but for those with cars who get constantly asked for favors this is biggest annoyance.
  6. Knowing that every purchase you make you'll have to make up for with a job this summer
    Whenever I spend a little I cringe and promise my bank account to make it up to it this summer.
  7. Deciding a major
    For so many people deciding a major is the toughest decision they make while at school. It's literally life changing.
  8. Getting used to rejection
    As much as we wish we didn't have to, college forces us to get used to being rejected from programs, internships, jobs, etc. and though I know it is necessary it still feels awful
  9. Grades
    In high school you needed them to get to college. In college you're not always sure why you need them but it still causes you anxiety.
  10. Balance
    You can never quite be sure if you're balancing everything properly. That's just the way it goes. You can try to guess based on how others around you are doing it but ultimately you'll never really know if you're balancing everything well.