Whether spoken or unspoken, these are things we tend to agree on
  1. Once that random pair of shoes has been pushed around three or four times it's safe to ask whose they are.
    I mean any sooner and we risk finding out it belonged to the other the whole time but after I push it to her side and she pushes it back a few times, it feels safe to assume they don't belong in our room.
  2. If it's wasn't at least a little messy, it wouldn't be our home.
    Organization is overrated. I know where that paper is...
  3. Texting in the same room is ok
    Some things aren't worth getting out of bed for. Like sharing memes, photos and lists. They're digital! Which means I can easily send them to her rather than jump off the bed every 5 minutes to show her something.
  4. The office is the greatest show of all time
    She turned me into it last semester and ever since we've often found ourselves teaming up to convince our friends of this fact. Though we've met some slight opposition, I'd like to think we're right.
  5. Netflix and homework don't have to be mutually exclusive
    The amount of work you get done might lessen but hey, at the very least we were entertained while we worked
  6. Cheddar and sour cream Ruffles are the best choice of chips.
    In our frequent trips to the vending machine we've always agreed on this.
  7. (@john )John Mayer's list on how to remove both your eyes is quite possibly the best list ever.
    It was one of the lists that got me hooked on the app. It's oddly well thought out and hard to not keep reading. Go find it, I swear it's great.