I almost added plane tickets the other night but realized that seemed risky and how I end up with 3 one-way tickets to Tokyo.
  1. Police-strength pepper spray in Breast Cancer pink
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    gifted to my baby sister who lives in a big metropolitan city and it stresses our parents out that she's all using public transportation late at night. bonus: our grandmothers were both diagnosed with breast cancer so we rep that pink hard.
  2. See's Candy
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    my bff's kid had a school fundraiser and I'm allllll about that cafe latte lolly life. I wrote her a check in the middle of the night because what else are checkbooks for?
  3. Ta-Nehisi Coates' Between the World and Me
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    i've been putting this off because I KNEW it would get my POC juices going. spoiler alert: I'm over here shaking an angry fist and crying just thinking about it.
  4. Mindy Kaling's Why Not Me?
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    i'm saving this one to make me feel better after the inevitable spiral from my previous purchase.
  5. Adele's 25
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    you know you bought it too and inhaled it just as hard.
  6. FitBook
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    an exercise and food journal that I swear by when I'm on the straight and narrow. The accompanying pen is janky but it conveniently fits in your purse!