This list is about a mole. Like, a body mole, not the animal.
  1. Once upon a time I was a young girl of 19, nary a wrinkle or gray hair in sight — until one day, when I saw my impending death stare back at me in the mirror.
  2. I had a gray hair.
  3. Like super gray. Kinda silver. No pigment whatsoever.
  4. What's worse? There were multiple. They were clustered together on my right temple.
  5. Searching for answers that would return me to my previous innocent self, I pondered why the skin where the hair was growing seemed to have also lightened...around a normal-seeming mole I thought I'd always had.
  6. As I checked up on my graying day-by-day, I noticed that the mole and surrounding areas were DEFINITELY getting lighter.
  7. What is this? Why was I getting super old in just one spot?? I consulted my friends (useless), my nurse mom (useless) and of course, the internet (useFUL).
  8. Some months later, when the mole was just barely visible, my dermatologist confirmed my findings.
  9. I had a halo mole! 🙇🏻‍♀️💁🏻
    Basically, my body had deemed this mole potentially dangerous and had sent white blood cells to KILL IT — thus the loss of pigment in the skin, and correspondingly, my hair.
  10. So anyway, now I'm growing out my Stacey London lewk.
  11. Bodies are pretty freaking cool sometimes, I guess. My eyes are kinda screwed up, but good job, cells! You made me a cool silver fox 😉