I use Hubway, Boston's bike-share program. There are stations all over the city where one can borrow and return bikes. It makes me feel p cool.
  1. I had to go to Target after work and it is annoyingly out of the way of public transportation home.
  2. So I decide to ignore our mayor's declaration of a heat emergency (read: humidity emergency) and took to the bike lane.
  3. I complete my errands at Target.
    (This part is unimportant.)
  4. Now I head home.
  5. Buncha hills...
  6. But I take inspiration from Laurie Hernandez.
    "I got this."
  7. Make it to the station nearest my apartment! Dock bike.
  8. Now the worst part. Yes, worse than dodging Fenway traffic while biking in 95% humidity.
  9. I have to walk five minutes home from the docking station. No, it's not a difficult walk (normally).
  10. BUT I AM DRENCHED IN SWEAT. Sweat in my eyes, sweat down my back, etc.
  11. And I don't have a helmet or bike with me to show that I just stupidly exerted myself.
  12. No, I look like a monster who drowns in sweat just WALKING down the street.
    A true monster.
  13. As I turn onto my street, I pass a neighbor. My mouth says "hi" while my body says "I'm disgusting!" and my brain wants to say "I just biked, OKAY?!"
  14. Anyway, I made it home and took a cold shower.
  15. All better! Def T-ing it tomorrow.